Sweepstakes Rules


The sole “Sponsor/Promoter” of the Sweepstakes is Fliff Inc – P.O Box 2728, Austin, TX 78768. All Sweepstakes Games are administered by Fliff Inc.

Apple and Google are not sponsors of, responsible for conducting, or involved with the Sweepstakes in any manner.

Fliff is an application which offers Participants the chance to play sports prediction games for entertainment. Fliff also gives away sweepstakes entries referred to as “Fliff Cash” as set out in these Sweepstakes Rules. Fliff Cash can be used to play sweepstakes games for a chance to win further Fliff Cash as prizes that can be redeemed for cash and prizes.

The Sweepstakes as set forth in these rules begins on June 1, 2023 at 12:00:00 a.m. EST and is scheduled to end on June 30, 2023 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST (Sweepstakes Period).


1.1. Fliff Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) is open only to legal residents located in the states of the United States (excluding Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Tennessee, and Washington), who are at least eighteen (18) years old or the age of majority in their jurisdiction (whichever occurs later) at the time of entry. PARTICIPATION IS VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

1.2. A person who participates in the Sweepstakes is a “Participant.”

1.3. Participants located in Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, and South Carolina will only be able to obtain entries through the methods described in 2.2(a) and 2.2(c) and NOT through the methods described in 2.2(b) and 2.2(d).

1.4. The Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, state, provincial, territorial and local laws and regulations. It is the sole responsibility of a Participant to determine whether the Sweepstakes is legal and compliant with all regulations in the jurisdiction in which the Participant resides.

1.5. Participation constitutes the Participant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Sweepstakes Rules and Sponsor’s/Promoter’s decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Sweepstakes.

1.6. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set out in these Sweepstakes Rules.

1.7. Employees and former employees (less than 3 years since cessation of employment) of Fliff Inc, any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, holding companies, advertising agencies, or any other company or individual involved with the design, production, execution or distribution of the Sweepstakes and their immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children, whether the relationship is by birth, marriage or adoption) and household members (people who share the same residence at least 3 months of the year) are not eligible to participate.

1.8. The Sweepstakes is open to Participants who are recreational only. If a Participant is, in the Sponsor/Promoter's best judgment determined to be professional or non-recreational, or is using systematic methods to obtain prizes, the Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right to limit or exclude the Participant from the Sweepstakes.


2.1. A Participant must be a member of Fliff (if a Participant is not a member, the Participant can become a member free of charge by downloading Fliff’s native application in the Apple App Store and Google Play store). To enter the Sweepstakes, a Participant must access Fliff through the application and sign in.

2.2. Once a Participant accesses Fliff, there are four potential ways to collect Fliff Cash:

2.2. (a) Receive Fliff Cash as a free bonus when collecting Fliff Coins. Each Participant will automatically receive Fliff Cash as a bonus upon claiming Fliff Coins if they do not have an existing Fliff Cash balance (sum of available Fliff Cash plus redeemable Fliff Cash plus Fliff Cash redemptions pending to be processed). The amount of Fliff Cash each zero-balance Participant receives will be the same for all Participants using the Platform.

2.2. (b) Receive Fliff Cash as a free bonus when purchasing Fliff Coins. Each Participant can automatically receive Fliff Cash as a bonus with the purchase of Fliff Coins if a bonus is applicable to that purchase. If a bonus is applicable it will be clearly displayed at the time of the purchase.

Fliff Coins are used for social game play in Fliff which may earn loyalty points but otherwise cannot be redeemed for cash or prizes of monetary value. The amount of Fliff Cash a Participant will receive as a bonus for each relevant Fliff Coin purchase will be stated in the application’s coin store. All purchases of Fliff Coins are final and no refunds will be given.

2.2. (c) Receive Fliff Cash when entering Fliff Cash no-cost giveaway contests on the Fliff social media pages. The Sponsor/Promoter regularly holds Fliff Cash no-cost giveaway contests which Participants can enter by following instructions given on the Fliff social media pages. These giveaways may require sharing posts or answering various game related questions to be eligible for entry. The amount of Fliff Cash given away will be stated on the applicable Fliff Cash no-cost contest post, and will be credited to each contest winner’s account at the conclusion of the giveaway. These giveaways may be subject to additional restrictions that will be described in the giveaway materials at the time of the contest.

2.2. (d) Receive Fliff Cash by sending a request by post. Participants in the United States (other than the states listed in section 1.1) can receive Fliff Cash by sending a stamped #10 envelope, hand written, to the following address:

P.O BOX 2728
AUSTIN, TX 78768

2.3. Participants must adhere to the following process to receive Fliff Cash by post:

  1. Handwrite their return address on the front of the envelope and the words: “Fliff Sweepstakes Credits”; and
  2. Handwrite all of the following on only one side of the Request Card inserted inside the envelope in the following order:
  3. Their full name as shown on their government issued identification;
  4. The email address registered to their Fliff account;
  5. The username and user ID associated with their Fliff account;
  6. The return/residential address registered to their Fliff account; and
  7. the following statement:
    “I wish to receive Fliff Cash to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Fliff. By submitting this request, I declare that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by Fliff's Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules.”

2.4. There is a limit of one request per outer envelope. For each request a Participant submits, the Participant will receive 10.00 Fliff Cash credits. The Fliff Cash will be added to the eligible Participant’s account. NOTE: A Participant must ensure that their handwriting is legible. If the Participant’s hand writing is not legible, the entry will be void and the Fliff Cash will not be credited to the Participant’s account. The legibility of a Participant’s hand writing shall be determined by Sponsor/Promoter in its sole discretion. THE REQUEST MUST ONLY BE MADE BY THE PARTICIPANT AND MUST BE POSTED FROM THE SAME STATE OR PROVINCE AS THE PARTICIPANT'S VERIFIED RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. Requests made by any other individual or any entity, including but not limited to commercial sweepstakes subscription notification and/or entering services, will be declared invalid and Fliff Cash will not be credited to the Participant’s account. Tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Sweepstakes, including but not limited to the use of any device to automate the Fliff Cash request/entry process, is prohibited and any requests/entries deemed by Sponsor/Promoter, in its sole discretion, to have been submitted in this manner will be void. In the event a dispute regarding the identity of the individual who actually submitted a request cannot be resolved to Sponsor/Promoter’s satisfaction, the affected request/entry will be deemed ineligible.

2.5. The amount of Fliff Cash to be allocated to Participants can be changed at any time by the Sponsor/Promoter in its sole discretion.

2.6. The amount of Fliff Cash a Participant has will be displayed in their account in the Fliff application.

2.7. In the event of a dispute as to any registration, the authorized account holder of the email address used to register the Fliff account will be deemed to be the Participant. The “authorized account holder” is the natural person assigned the email address by an internet access provider, online service provider or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted address.

2.8. Sponsor/Promoter is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible or misdirected Fliff Cash requests or allocations.

2.9. Use of any automated or other system(s) to participate, to acquire Fliff Cash or play the games is prohibited and will result in disqualification and loss of eligibility to participate in the games.

2.10. Fliff Cash is only valid for thirty (30) days from the date the Participant last logged on to their Customer Account and will thereafter automatically expire. If a Participant does not login to their Customer Account within the 30 day period, they will forfeit any balance of Fliff Cash.

2.11. Fliff Cash may also be forfeited if a Participant’s account is deactivated for any reason, or at the Sponsor/Promoter’s discretion.


3.1. Participants with Fliff Cash can use their Fliff Cash to play games within Fliff for a chance to win additional Fliff Cash. Fliff Cash won through game play can be redeemed for cash and prizes of monetary.

3.2. Within the Games section of the Platform the Participant will be able to change their in-app currency between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. Once in Fliff Cash mode, the Participant will be able to Stake Fliff Cash on outcomes of future sporting events. The amount of Fliff Cash the Participant stands to win if their prediction is correct will be displayed on the Platform. If correct, the Participant increases their Fliff Cash balance by the payout amount and if they are incorrect the amount of Fliff Cash the Participant chooses to Stake is not returned.

3.3. Only games played with Fliff Cash provide the opportunity to win additional Fliff Cash that can be redeemed for cash and prizes. The amount of Fliff Cash that can be won while playing a game will be shown in Fliff when the Participant enters a Stake amount.

3.4. Fliff Cash that has been won through game play (rather than collected using one of the methods described in Section 2 above) can be redeemed for cash at a value of USD $1.00 for every 1.00 Fliff Cash (subject to minimum prize redemption amounts stated in Section 6.3). Fliff Cash possesses no real monetary value until a prize redemption has been approved and processed by the Sponsor/Promoter. Approval is subject to Participant completing all verifications to confirm eligibility and adherence to all Sweepstakes Rules and Terms of Use of the Platform.

3.5. The use of automated or systematic methods of play to win, and/or redeem Fliff Cash for cash and prizes are strictly prohibited. Utilizing methods such as making equal and opposite selections, utilizing multiple accounts and identities, referring oneself to earn additional credits, and other methods construed to guarantee prize winnings are not permitted and result in account closure and forfeiture of prize winnings.

3.6. Sponsor’s/Promoter’s decisions as to the administration and operation of the Sweepstakes, the game and the amount of winnings are final and binding.

3.7. Unless Sponsor/Promoter requires otherwise, any Fliff Cash allocated to a Participant is required to be played once at a price -300 or longer (e.g. -200, +100, +200...etc) before it is eligible to be redeemed. Sponsor/Promoter may, in its sole discretion, require that any Fliff Cash allocated to a Participant must be played a greater number of times (not exceeding 20) in any combination of Fliff Cash games before it is eligible to be redeemed.

3.8. Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right to change the prize win rates and payout odds of any of the Sweepstakes games at any time. A Participant can see the actual and any amended details at the point of entering an amount to play in Fliff. It is a Participant’s responsibility to check the prize available on each occasion before they participate.



4.2. Potential prize winners must comply with these Sweepstakes Rules and winning is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements.

4.3. A potential prize winner may be required to sign and return to Sponsor/Promoter, an affidavit/declaration of eligibility, and liability/publicity release (except where prohibited) in order to claim his/her prize (if applicable).

4.4. If a potential winner cannot be contacted, fails to properly execute and return the affidavit/declaration of eligibility and liability/publicity release within the required time period (if applicable), fails to comply with these Sweepstakes Rules, or if the prize or prize notification is returned as undeliverable, that potential winner forfeits the prize.

4.5. In the event that a potential winner of a Sweepstakes prize is disqualified for any reason, Sponsor/Promoter may award the applicable prize to the next placed winner in the Sweepstakes (if applicable).


5.1. Odds of winning will vary for each Game and will be published by the Sponsor/Promoter, visible to all Participants through the Platform.

5.2. The Participant will choose the Game and will Stake Fliff Cash, and their win expectancy (odds of winning a Prize) will be a function of these choices.


6.1. A Participant’s Fliff Cash balance is displayed in the Participant’s Wallet on the Platform.

6.2. Participant must successfully complete a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Verification process provided by the Sponsor/Promoter to validate eligibility to participate before redeeming any prize. This includes, but is not limited to, providing proof of a valid government-issued photo identification, biometric facial scan recognition, proof of address, and validation of SSN.

6.3. Sponsor/Promoter will only process a prize redemption if the redeemed amount is for the value of USD $50 or more (i.e. a minimum of 50.00 Fliff Cash). Consequently, a Participant’s account must have a balance of at least 50.00 redeemable Fliff Cash credits before they can be redeemed.




6.5. The maximum redemption of a prize won by a single Participant during any period of the Sweepstakes (“Maximum Redemption“) is limited to the value of US $5,000 in New York or Florida, and $500 in Rhode Island. Any Maximum Redemption in excess of the value of US $5,000 in New York or Florida, or $500 in Rhode Island will not be paid to the Participant during the period.

6.6. Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit a Participant’s redemption of Fliff Cash to the value of USD $1,000 per week. No more than the stated number of prizes will be awarded.

6.7. Sponsor/Promoter is not responsible for any taxes or fees associated with a prize redemption. Sponsor will provide Participants with necessary tax forms if applicable. Participants are responsible for remittance of all applicable taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or redemption and should consult accounting or tax experts for further assistance.

6.8. Fliff Cash is non-transferable and no substitution will be made except as provided herein at the Sponsor’s/Promoter’s sole discretion. Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right to substitute the listed prize of equal or greater value for any reason owing to circumstances outside Sponsor’s/Promoter’s reasonable control.

6.9. Prize winners must request the release of their Prize through the Platform.


7.1. Subject to these Terms and Conditions:

7.1. (a) Prizes shall be allocated to the email address that you have registered against your Customer Account.

7.2. You agree that we are entitled to conduct any identification, credit and other verification checks that we may reasonably require and/or that are required of us under applicable laws and regulations or by relevant regulatory authorities.

7.3. Until all required verification checks are completed to our satisfaction:

7.3. (a) any request you have made for redemption of Prizes will remain pending; and

7.3. (b) we are entitled to restrict your Customer Account in any manner that we may reasonably deem appropriate, including by suspending or deactivating your Customer Account.

7.4. We will carry out additional verification procedures for any cumulative or single redemption of Prizes exceeding a value of USD $599 or equivalent and reserve the right to carry out such additional verification procedures in the case of a request to redeem any lesser amount. Additional verification procedures may, for example, include requests for and examination of copies of your identification documentation (including photo identification) such as a passport and proof of your address such as a utility bill.

7.5. Where any identification, credit or other verification check we require cannot be completed to our satisfaction because you have not provided any document we request from you in the form that we require within 30 days of the date the document was first requested, then we are under no obligation to continue with the verification check and may in our sole discretion deactivate your Customer Account.

7.6. Participants who request the redemption of Prizes held in a deactivated or suspended account should contact Customer Support by emailing support@getfliff.com.

7.7. Fliff Inc reserves the right to run external verification checks on all cardholders with third party credit agencies on the basis of the information provided on registration.

7.8. We reserve the right to charge fees for processing the redemption of Prizes to you and to set a minimum redemption request value of USD $50.

7.9. For Customers that have purchased Fliff Coins, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refund purchases in lieu of processing a prize redemption via the method selected by the winning Participant. Refunds will be made to the same payment source used to purchase the Fliff Coins.

7.10. We make our best efforts to process requests within the quoted amount of time but do not guarantee processing times for prizes.

7.11. We will only process one Prize redemption request per Customer Account in any 5 day period.

7.12. You acknowledge and agree that it in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days to process the allocation of redeemed Prizes to you.

7.13. Redemption and allocation of Prizes may experience delays due to our identity verification process. Prizes of over USD $599 may require a longer processing time than usual due to security and fraud checks and may also be allocated in more than one equivalent lump sum. This may add up to 7 days to the normal processing time, but is dependent on the circumstances of each individual case.

7.14. Without limiting Section 7.8, Players can request any amount of Prizes to be redeemed, however we reserve the right to allocate Prizes in smaller increments over a number of days until all of the Prize has been allocated.

7.15. You acknowledge and agree that we may in our sole discretion, from time to time, appoint one or more Payment Administration Agent to accept payments (including merchant facilities) from Players on our behalf.

7.16. A Payment Administration Agent will have the same rights, powers and privileges that we have under these Terms and Conditions and will be entitled to exercise or enforce their rights, powers and privileges as our agent or in their own name. In no event shall we be liable to any Player for any loss, damage or liability resulting from the Payment Administration Agent’s negligence and/or acts beyond the authority given by Fliff Inc.

7.17. Fliff Cash is only valid for 30 days from the date you last logged on to your Customer Account and will thereafter automatically expire.

7.18. Fliff Cash may be forfeited if a Customer Account is deactivated due to a violation of our Terms of Use or for any reason, or at our discretion.

7.19. If we mistakenly credit your Customer Account from time to time with Prizes that do not belong to you, whether due to a technical error, human error or otherwise, the amount will remain property of Fliff Inc and will be deducted from your Customer Account. If you have been allocated a Prize that does not belong to you prior to us becoming aware of the error, the value of the mistakenly allocated Prize will (without prejudice to other remedies and actions that may be available at law) constitute a debt owed by you to us. In the event of an incorrect crediting, you are obliged to notify Customer Support by using the “Contact” link on the Platform or by emailing support@getfliff.com.

7.20. It is the responsibility of the Participant to retain copies of transaction records and these Sweepstakes Rules as updated from time to time.


8.1. By participating, each Participant agrees to:

8.1. (a) comply with and be bound by these Sweepstakes Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor/Promoter which are binding and final;

8.1. (b) release and hold harmless the Sponsor/Promoter and its parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies, the prize suppliers and any other organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the Sweepstakes, and all of their respective past and present officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties“) from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liability, including but not limited to negligence and damages of any kind to persons and property, including but not limited to invasion of privacy (under appropriation, intrusion, public disclosure of private facts, false light in the public eye or other legal theory), defamation, slander, libel, violation of right of publicity, infringement of trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights, property damage, or death or personal injury arising out of or relating to a Participant’s entry, creation of an entry or submission of an entry, participation in the Sweepstakes, acceptance or use or misuse of prizes (including any travel or activity related thereto) and/or the broadcast, exploitation or use of entry; and

8.1. (c) indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Sponsor/Promoter from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys/legal fees) arising out of or relating to a Participant’s participation in the Sweepstakes and/or Participant’s acceptance, use or misuse of prizes.


9.1. Except where prohibited, participation in the Sweepstakes constitutes each Participant’s consent to Sponsor’s/Promoter’s and its agents’ use of Participant’s name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions and/or hometown and state/province/territory for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment, notice or consideration.

9.2. For names of winners, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

P.O BOX 2728
AUSTIN, TX 78768


10.1. Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Sweepstakes or these Sweepstakes Rules, or any part of the Sweepstakes or these Sweepstakes Rules, with immediate effect owing to circumstances outside its reasonable control and only where circumstances make it unavoidable if any fraud, technical failures or any other factor beyond Sponsor’s/Promoter’s reasonable control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Sweepstakes, as determined by Sponsor/Promoter in its sole discretion.

10.2. Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Sweepstakes or to be acting in violation of these Sweepstakes Rules or any other promotion or in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner.

10.3. Any attempt by any person to deliberately undermine the legitimate operation of the Sweepstakes may be a violation of criminal and civil law, and, should such an attempt be made, Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right to seek damages from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law. Sponsor’s/Promoter’s failure to enforce any term of these Sweepstakes Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

10.4. In all other cases, the Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Sweepstakes. Any notice regarding cancellation, suspension and/or modification will be posted on Fliff on the Platform or at www.getfliff.com.

10.5. In the event of modifying the Sweepstakes, a Participant’s continued enrollment and/or participation in the Sweepstakes constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.


11.1. Insofar as permitted by law in the respective territories, the Released Parties (as defined above) are not responsible for:

11.1. (a) any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by a Participant, printing error or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Sweepstakes;

11.1. (b) technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions, or disconnections in phone lines or network hardware or software;

11.1. (c) unauthorized human intervention in any part of the entry process or the Sweepstakes;

11.1. (d) technical or human error which may occur in the administration or operation of the Sweepstakes; or

11.1. (e) any injury or damage to persons or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from Participant’s participation in the Sweepstakes or receipt or use or misuse of any prize.

11.2. If for any reason a Participant’s Fliff Cash or winning play is confirmed to have been erroneously deleted, lost, or otherwise destroyed or corrupted, Participant’s sole remedy is replacement by Sponsor/Promoter of an equivalent amount of Fliff Cash.


12.1. Unless otherwise specified in these Official Rules, words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa and words importing gender include all genders. All dollar amounts referred to in these Official Rules are in lawful money of the United States of America. Sponsor is not responsible for any damages caused by delay or failure to perform undertakings pursuant to these Official Rules when the delay or failure is due to weather, event cancellations, fires, strikes, floods, acts of God or the state’s enemies, lawful acts of public authorities, delays or defaults caused by common carriers, or other events that cannot reasonably be foreseen or provided against.


13.1. Except where prohibited by law, as a condition of participating in this Sweepstakes, each Participant agrees that:

13.1. (a) any and all disputes and causes of action arising out of or connected with this Sweepstakes, including but not limited to prizes awarded, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by final and binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association and held at the AAA regional office nearest the Participant (or for Canadian residents the International Centre for Dispute Resolution);

13.1. (b) the Federal Arbitration Act shall govern the interpretation, enforcement and all proceedings at such arbitration; and

13.1. (c) judgment upon such arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.

13.2. Under no circumstances will any Participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and Participant hereby waives all rights to claim, punitive, incidental or consequential damages, or any other damages, including attorneys’ fees, other than Participant’s actual out-of-pocket expenses (i.e., costs associated with participating in this Sweepstakes), and Participant further waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.

13.3. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Sweepstakes Rules, or the rights and obligations of the Participant and Sponsor/Promoter in connection with the Sweepstakes, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of Pennsylvania or any other jurisdiction), which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Pennsylvania.

13.4. To ensure fairness and the integrity of the promotion to all Participants, the Sponsor/Promoter will respond to questions via support@getfliff.com and may post updates/communications on its social media pages.

13.5. Any Participant posting or seen to be posting comments on Sponsor’s/Promoter’s social media pages or elsewhere during the promotion that are considered bullying, spiteful or upsetting to other Participants, players and fans of Fliff or directly aimed at the Sponsor/Promoter, will have their comments removed and will be disqualified from the Sweepstakes. The Sponsor/Promoter reserves the right to alert social media providers to any such behavior and the Participant may have his/her relevant social media account frozen pending investigation.


14.1. Information collected from Participants is subject to the Sponsor’s/Promoter’s Privacy Policy which is available on the Platform and at www.getfliff.com

These Terms of Use were last updated on June 1, 2023.